finbryte is a digital solutions fintech specialized in developing white-label mortgage origination platforms aiming to increase transparency and efficiency of loan officers and mortgage brokers. finbryte is a spin-off of appraiser.ai – a machine-learning powered tool that automates home appraisers for banks and lenders. Out platform has achieved a Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Innovation Council which recognizes its high value, impact and efficiency of implementation.

finbryte has worked on several major projects to boost digital leads of banks and mortgage brokers with a combined mortgage portfolio of over 5 billion euro. Among them are Bulgaria’s no.1 and no.2 biggest mortgage lenders Banka DSK (owned by Hungary’s OTP) and Belgium’s KBC United Bulgarian Bank.

Mortgage origination through digital channels is on the verge to exponential growth in Europe over the next few years as the market and the regulation develop. Representatives of Gen Z are most likely to buy such kind of a loan as studies suggest talking on the phone for them is among the top 3 things they want to avoid in life. finbryte’s digital mortgage platform allows seamless integration with email and messaging applications in order to keep all communication on the same spot, easily searchable.

White label software is unbranded software that a company leases or rents from a vendor and then rebrands to sell as its own for a profit. With little to no overhead companies using white label solutions can get to the market quicker and start selling.

A digital mortgage origination uses technology to automate the whole process of providing a home loan and thus to reduce cost, eliminate the possibilities of human errors, lessen the manual work and streamline the whole experience for the loan officer and the borrower alike. Digital mortgage origination is a good way of increasing leads and chances to complete a deal.

Referral Management Process is one of the trademark innovative features of finbryte’s digital mortgage platform. It allows mortgage brokers to leverage the word of mouth effect by sharing a personal link to partners and customers and evaluate their digital market campaigns. It can also automate the process of analyzing the sales conversion ratio for their team leaders.